Unblock Server List

Premium VPN Server List For PPTP And L2TP

All Premium Users get access to the fastest UK connections found anywhere online by using our softether Windows Software and also you can install our normal windows software with 4  extra gigabit servers with PPTP, L2TP (+IPSEC PSK and RAW), SSTP by clicking on the download link below.

Please click here to Download

Once installed just enter your username and password into the spaces provided in the top right of the app and then click on ‘Apply and Load Servers List’ and you will now see the servers load into the left hand column, just click on one of these and then on connect.

Each time you open the app just remember to click on ‘Apply and load servers list’ to load the servers, UK1003, Uk1004, UK1005 and UK1006 are all gigabit UK servers UK102 is only 100MB server.

The server names that all VPN Users can use:


If you set up the connection manually and require the secure key for L2TP (IPSEC PSK), please use 12345678

Special Servers for Softether (Premium Users Only)

Premium users also have access to all available protocols mentioned previously and all those that are supported by Softether. Softether supported additional protocols will bypass most if not all network firewalls.

These additional protocols include:

Softether built in protocol, OpenVPN UDP and TCP, L2TP, VPN over DNS
Information on how to install Softether and add the servers can be found out by clicking here

The Softether server names that only premium VPN Users can use:

* unbmytv-us-server.unblockmytelly.co.uk (This server is in the U.S. and can be used to unlock U.S. content. Don’t use this to unlock U.K. content)

You can use these servers with either with Softether Connection App or by Manual Setup Using L2TP (IPSEC PSK) and secret 12345678 or OpenVPN On Windows, Mac, IOS or Android Or Routers


Sofether will give the best performance, but if you don’t have access to Softether, try setting up L2TP (RAW – without encryption and without the security key) first. That will also give good performance. L2TP (IPSEC PSK – with the security key) is also fast and secure. SSTP and PPTP are slower and PPTP is moderately secure.