Am I Bind Into A Lengthy Contract?

Absolutely not..All accounts are pay as you go.

If you sign up for 1 month then this will be your contract term and you will receive an invoice to renew 7 day’s before your account expires – you can choose not to pay and your account will be suspended – no extra charges no automatic renewals unless when signing up you created an automatic subscription in PayPal in which case you would need to cancel this to avoid any over payments – It is the responsibility of the client to cancel any subscriptions they have in PayPal although we can do this for you if you let  us know.

If you wish to pay by a subscription, then the payment will automatically renew every month, but you can cancel whenever you want to, and of course, even though you cancel the subscription, you can continue to access our service for the period that you have paid for.

If you wish to make a one off payment, then you can simply use our service for the length of time that you pay for, if you wish to make subsequent payments, then that is entirely up to you.

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