Connect Using Softether

Softether is the ultimate VPN connection, not only does it provide you with the best encryption it also provides the fastest connections, this service is only available to Premium clients, you will get the fastest UK VPN connections plus these will work with all UK websites yes ‘All’ and you get the ultimate in security.

Exisiting clients can upgrade now by downloading the specially configured Windows software by clicking here

Once downloaded and installed the app will open on your desktop screen and now you just need to enter your VPN login details and enjoy the fastest UK VPN connection online combined with the ultimate in VPN security.

To set this up on a Tablet or Mac or in-fact any other device please make sure you use L2TP otherwise the connection will not work.

Just contact us for the server name and if you have any other questions or require any help please let us know.

  1. Start the installation process and then click on ‘Next’ when the first screen opens.
  2. Choose “SoftEther VPN Client” on the next screen
  3. On the next screen check “I agree to the end user License Agreement” box and click “Next”
  4. Next screen “Important notice”  click “Next”
  5. On the next screen Choose the directory to install the software and click “Next”
  6. On the next screen Click “Next”  and the Installation process will begin.
  7. Now After the installation process has finished click “Finish”
  8. Now click on the Icon to start the VPN client

9. Click on ‘add connection

10. In the “New VPN Connection Setting Properties” enter the following information.

Server name – find this on the servers list page


VPN Login details…

Choose Standard Password Authentication

VPN Username

VPN Password


For Proxy Type Choose…

Direct TCP/IP Connection (No proxy)


Check the box ‘Reconnect Automatically


You can click on ‘Advanced Settings

And on the left under TCP connections select 8 (This normally provides a good connection).

Now on the same screen check the box ‘ Encrypt VPN session with SSL’

And also check the box ‘ Use data compression’

Finally click OK.

You can now connect to the new server.


11. Now right click on the connection you just added and select connect

12. It will now connect you, right click on the connection again and choose disconnect to end the connection.

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