D-Link PPTP VPN Setup

Step 1: Go into the admin interface of the router and select a LAN address range that doesn’t interfere with your regular LAN address range. Be sure to enable DHCP. Click Save and your router will reboot.

Step 2: Access your router on the new LAN address and go into the Internet Setup menu. Continue with the Manual Internet Connection Setup

Step 3: Set your internet connection to Russia PPTP . For your IP address, select Dynamic. This assumes that your original LAN has a working and properly configured DHCP server.

For server IP, use one of the server names / IPs from your setup email or search on our support homepage.
PPTP account is your Unblockmytelly VPN username.
PPTP password is your Unblockmytelly VPN password.

Step 4: Go back to the Status tab to make sure that your VPN connected

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