Mac OSX OpenVPN (TunnelBlick)

1- Firstly begin by installing Tunnelblick from here

2- Download the Config Files.

OpenVPN Files For (Premium VPN Users)

Download UK1 from here

Download UK2 from here

Download UK3 from here


Now that you’ve downloaded both Tunnelblick and the configuration file(s), you need to install Tunnelblick. To do so, locate the Installer .dmg image file, i.e. on your Desktop. Double click on that file and Finder will show a new window. Next, double click the Tunnelblick icon.

Note: If Finder doesn’t show the new window, please navigate manually by clicking on the GO icon on your taskbar and choose Computer or Home. You should now able to find the Tunnelblick icon mounted under devices at bottom the left on the window.


4 – When you see the security warning, select Open.



Tunnelblick needs special permission to install. When prompted please confirm your local computer password, this is the Administration password on your Mac and not related to your account with unblockmytelly


5.1 – Once you see the Installation succeeded window, select on Launch to continue.



5.2 – If this is the first time you have run Tunnelblick as a particular user, or the first time after certain Tunnelblick upgrades, the following windows may appear. At the welcome screen, select on I have configuration files.



5.3 – Next, select on Done at the Add a Configuration window.



5.4 – On this new window, select on Check for a change.



5.5 – Choose Check Automatically so that Tunnelblick can check for any updates.



5.6 –

Note: At this point, if there is any new update available, it will prompt you. Just proceed with the on-screen instructions and you may need to enter your local computer password to install the updates. Depending on the Tunnelblick version, you may also get the first time welcome screen again.

You should now see the Tunnelblick icon in the top right hand corner, although it will be greyed out as you have not yet connected to us.



First of all, please ensure that Tunnelblick application is closed. If you can see the Tunnelblick icon in the top right hand corner, click on it and choose Quit TunnelBlick.


6.1 – Next, double click on the configuration file(s) that you’ve downloaded earlier such as

. The file should be saved on your Desktop or Downloads folder.


6.3 – Now, you will have a file called Note, the options here depend on which configuration you downloaded.


6.4 – Double Click on (Example) to install it and it will prompt you you to enter your local computer password, this is the administration password on your Mac and not related to your account with unblockmytelly.


6.5 – Select OK if you see the screen below. It indicates Tunnelblick has installed the configuration file(s) successfully on your computer.



Click on the Tunnelblick icon at your taskbar and select Connect ukg1 depending on which file you downloaded.



7.1 – You will now be asked for your Unblockmytelly username and password, insert them tick the box ‘save In Keychain’ and click OK.



7.2 – After a few moments, the TunnelBlick icon should appear dark lit and this indicates that the VPN is connected.



That’s all you should now be connected, if you have any issues then just let us know.

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