Windows 10 PPTP VPN Setup

Step 1:  Click on the ‘New Notifictions Icon in the task tray’ when the window opens click on ‘VPN’

Step 2:  Now click ‘Add new VPN connection’

Step 3: When the window opens do the following:

  1. For VPN provider Click on this and choose (Windows Built In)

2. Connection name enter (Unblockmytelly PPTP)

3. In Server name or address enter one of the servers from your setup email, please note ( is just an example and will not work.

4. Type of sign-in info (leave on Username and Password)

5. Enter your Ublockmytelly VPN username

6. Enter your unblockmytelly VPN Password

7. Tick the box ‘Remember my sign in info.

Now click on save.

Step 4: Now scroll down to the VPN connection you just created and click on it and then click on connect.

That’s it your now connected to unblockmytelly

Enjoy, Connect, Unblock, Watch TV

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