Windows XP PPTP VPN Setup

1.Open the Windows control panel (via start menu -> Control Panel) and select “Network Connections“.

2. In the menu, click “File” and then “New Connection

3. Select “Connect to the network at my workplace

4. Select “Virtual Private Network connection

5. Enter a name for the connection this can be anything you like,such as. “UNBLOCKTV PPTP“.

6. Select “Do not dial the initial connection” .

7. Enter one of the PPTP server IPs / server names for your VPN service (Check Your Setup Email / Or Search in Knowledge Base Using Unblock VPN / Unblock DNS / VPN or Unblock Premium.

8. If you’d like to have a shortcut for this connection on your desktop (saves time, since you don’t have to go through the control panel -> network connections each time you want to connect), check “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop

9. The connection window should automatically open now – if not, double-click the new “UNBLOCKTV PPTP” connection in the network connections list.

Note that it’s not required to change any other settings, since the connection works with the default VPN settings. That means you just need to enter your login credentials, which are:

  • User name: Your Unblockmytelly VPN account Username
  • Password:  Your Unblockmytelly VPN Account Password.

If you prefer not to type in your username + password each time you connect, check “Save this user name and password for the following users“, and click “Connect“.

10. The connection status will be displayed for you, and once finished, a bubble notification “UNBLOCKTV PPTP is now connected” should appear in the bottom right of your desktop.

Enjoy Connect, Unblock, Watch TV with Unblockmytelly.

If you need help then just open a support Ticket from the menu or Open a live chat session on our home page here

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